Real Estate

Schedule client meetings, home inspections, and open houses with ease through SchedEasy.

SchedEasy’s Scheduling Management capabilities allow you to manage your own schedule and that of your team, even while you are in your car or on your way to a meeting. With the system making real-time changes, you and everyone concerned will be notified of changes and/or additional details whenever you or somebody else on your team adds them.

If you have clients with several properties to their name, you won’t have any problem placing them all into the software. SchedEasy supports multiple service addresses for clients, allowing you to place every single location into one place. This will make it easier for you to remember or keep track of every single property.

Of course, SchedEasy also offers Client Management features that let you create and obtain client information with just a click of a button. With all these, as well as the notes and history for your clients all in one place, you won’t have any difficulty in scheduling inspections, visits, and open houses. You can even set reminders of moving out dates, so you can send that special farewell package.

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