Cleaning Service

Schedule cleaning jobs and manage your crew more efficiently with SchedEasy.

With the Staff Management feature of our proprietary software, you will be able to manage team assignments and staff attendance even when you are not in the office. As the system holds all your staff’s information, you will be able to check on them and even know all their comings and goings with SchedEasy’s geo-tagging capability. You will also be able to track all completed cleaning jobs and all the pertinent data that come with it like who did the job and the time spent on completing it.

Making sure that you are on top of your team’s schedule has also never been easier. Our Scheduling Management feature lets you manage everyone’s cleaning jobs even while you are on the go. And, as the system features real-time changes and notifications, your team will be advised of their assignments immediately. As SchedEasy support multiple service addresses for every client, you can be assured that there will be no conflict as to the location of your crews’ cleaning jobs.

The great thing about this software is that aside from the features mentioned above, it has still so much more to offer. It features a tier-level access to all users, which ensures that you and your staff will know which portal to enter. The software also has a payroll management capability that lets you track the total amount of time spent on all cleaning jobs for a particular date or pay period. This lets you know how much you really have to pay with no time or effort wasted.

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