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Tier Leveling of Access

  • Master Admin Access:
    Overall management of accounts throughout your organization.
  • Franchise Owner Access:
    Management of a segment or franchise of the organization.
  • Staff Access:
    Basic access for payroll, attendance, job reminders, work calendar, and history of worked jobs.

Scheduling Management

  • Allows team schedule management wherever you are.
  • Features real-time changes and notifications
  • Has team base scheduling.
  • Supports multiple service addresses for clients.

Job and Client Management

  • Supports website integration for client information acquisition and easier job scheduling.
  • Keeps track of clients’ notes and history.
  • Has a drop and drag functionality that allows the movement of appointments and scheduled jobs easily
  • Features daily, weekly, and monthly views.
  • Includes a hover functionality that allows the viewing of job information.
  • Allows the scheduling of recurring jobs.

Staff Management

  • Allows the creation and gathering of staff information.
  • Supports management of team assignments.
  • Lets you check job histories.
  • Lets you check staff attendance.
  • Features geo-tagging of the clock ins and outs of personnel.

Invoicing and Payment Tracking

  • Track paid and unpaid invoices with ease.
  • Supports batch billing.
  • Allows the management of billing information.
  • Provides payment reminders.
  • Sends emails of receipts
  • Has a history of client payments and/or invoices.
  • Easily add promotions to your invoice footer.

Payroll Management

  • Allows work hour tracking for every job effortlessly.
  • Lets you track total time spent on jobs the day.
  • Supports commission-based payroll.
  • Lets you track the history of payroll reports.

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