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Tier Leveling of Access

  • Master Admin Access
  • Overall management of accounts through your organization
  • Franchise Owner Access
  • Management of a segment/Franchise of the organization
  • Staff Access
  • Basic access for payroll, job reminders, Calendar of jobs, and history of worked jobs

Scheduling Management

  • Manage your teams schedule Wherever you are
  • Realtime changes and notifications
  • Team Base scheduling
  • Multiple service address for a client

Job and Client Management

  • Integration of your website to capture Client information and easy job scheduling
  • Keep track of your clients notes and history
  • Move your schedule with ease with our drop and drag functionality
  • Daily Weekly and Monthly view
  • View job information with our hover functionality
  • Schedule reoccurring jobs

Staff Management

  • Create and get Staff information
  • Manage Team assignment
  • Check Job history
  • Check Staff Attendance
  • Geo Tagging of time in and out

Invoicing and Payment Tracking

  • Track paid and unpaid invoices.
  • Batch Billing.
  • Management of the Billing information.
  • Reminders of payment.
  • Email of receipts.
  • Historical payment/invoices of clients.

Payroll Management

  • Track work hours per job
  • Track total time spent for the day
  • Commission base payroll
  • Track historical payroll reports

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